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Solar power system solutions in Sri Lanka for home and industries with best price

Adrian Solar, the renewable energy division of the Adrian Group, is one of the most reputable Solar power system solutions in Sri Lanka, specializing in renewable energy and energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. We have successfully constructed over 125MW of rooftop solar systems around the island, making us the country’s largest solar-based Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company. We are able to provide high-quality and long-lasting Solar power system solutions in Sri Lanka at the most affordable pricing by partnering with global tier-one manufacturers as well as chosen local suppliers.

The skilled experts at Adrian Solar will inspect your land, do an engineering assessment, and consult with you to identify the optimum solar power system for your home. Your home’s architecture, existing and future consumption needs, and financial status will all be taken into account. Following the selection of the most appropriate solar system, we will deliver a full solar system drawing as well as a predicted energy report at no cost. We also make certain that you are guided through all of the paperwork required to be approved for CEB or LECO requirement requirements. Installing solar panels on the roof, including solar power optimizers and mounting panels, is the first step in system installation. The optimizers will then be connected to the inverter and your circuit breaker box, which creates electricity for your home or company.

In Sri Lanka, the typical energy consumption ranges between 25 and 30 units per day, including cooling equipment such as coolers, refrigerators, and air conditioners. The metropolis of Sri Lanka also had to deal with low voltage or voltage fluctuation, which caused cooling devices in Sri Lanka to shut down. People in Sri Lanka are choosing solar panels to reduce their electricity expenses and run cooling appliances without worrying about voltage fluctuations. Two types of solar panels are acceptable for the city of Sri Lanka. In this section, we will discuss the two types of solar panels: monocrystalline and bi-facial.

1. Mono Crystalline Solar Panels: A monocrystalline solar panel consists of a single layer of homogeneous and pure silicon crystal bars. The basic capacity of these begins at 390 watts and includes a 24v solar panel. The monocrystalline solar panel will have a dedicated voltage of 45V and an ampere rating of 10A, as well as new technologies that will increase efficiency by 22%. The new-technology solar panel starts at 440 watts.
2. Bi-facial Solar Panels: The “Bi-facial” solar panels are the most recent in technology and have a higher efficiency. It takes up less space while producing more electricity. The bi-facial solar panel has a capacity of 440 watts and an efficiency of 22.5%.

Price of Solar Panels in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, the cost of a solar panel (pv module) ranges from as little as 1,500 INR to as much as 28,000 INR per module. Of course, factors like as technology, efficiency, warranty, size, and capacity will influence the cost of a solar panel.
Solar Panel Kilo Watt Classification –

Price of a 1kW solar panel in Sri Lanka

A 1kW solar panel costs between 50,865 INR and 56,000 INR in Sri Lanka. A 1kW solar panel is offered in three sizes: 390W, 440W, and 540W. If you choose a 390W, you will receive three 1kW solar panels. If you choose a higher power choice, such as a 440W or 540W solar panel, the number of solar panels will increase.

Price of a 2kW Solar Panel in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, a 2kW solar panel will cost between 1,00,730 INR and 1,68,000 INR. A 2kW solar panel is offered in three sizes: 390W, 440W, and 540W. If you choose a 390kW solar panel, you will receive 6 solar panels in the 2kW category, and if you choose a 440 or 540kW solar panel, you will receive 8 solar panels. The number of solar panels will thereafter be reduced to four.
Price of a Solar Panel for a House in Sri Lanka

The metropolis of Sri Lanka has a high need for cooling appliances such as air conditioners, coolers, and refrigerators. For these homes, a 1/5 ton inverter is required. A 5kW solar panel is required for these homes based on their requirements.

Price of a Solar System in Sri Lanka

As we learned in the preceding paragraphs, daily energy usage in Sri Lanka is 25 – 30 units in the summer when ACs, Coolers, and Refrigerators are used, and 8 to 10 units without ACs and Coolers. A 5kW solar system will enough to meet the increasing demand for electricity.
Solar systems are classified into two types: ‘On-Grid’ and ‘Off-Grid.’ An ‘On-Grid’ solar system will require an inverter as well as permission from the local discom (Distribution Company). The ‘Off-Grid’ solar system, on the other hand, requires an inverter battery and does not require discom approval. A solar system in Sri Lanka will cost between 80,000 INR and 1,50,000 INR.

Sri Lankan Solar Companies / Top 10 Sri Lankan Solar Companies

The law in the city of Sri Lanka is tight, and the businesses follow it. A business must sell a product that includes tax. In Sri Lanka, about 50 companies offer solar panels. Here is a list of solar panel providers who have been accredited by “Adrian Solar” – Solar Panel Manufacturers in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is claimed to be a major manufacturing hub, with many solar panel producers. The city produces a large quantity of solar panels. Here is a list of some solar panel manufacturers and their Sri Lankan branches:

Sri Lankan electrician

The city not only produces solar panels but also multi-skilled electricians. The electricians are highly skilled and will provide a correct solution for a problem with focused time and efforts. Here is a list of some reputable electricians who can help you with your troubles.

Colombo Solar Panels Dealers

In Sri Lanka, there are numerous solar panel merchants, and the number of dealers is expanding. It has become a company in its own right. Due to the growing demand for solar panels, there are vendors in every city in India. A dealer will come and do a survey in accordance with the requirements of a solar panel for installation.

Price of an Inverter in Sri Lanka

An inverter is the second and most important component of a solar system. An inverter is a device that converts AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). An inverter starts at 500 watts and progresses through 1kW, 2kW, 4kW, and 100kW. An inverter costs between 5,000 INR and 1,000,000 INR.

Price of a Solar Inverter in Sri Lanka

Inverters come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first two are “normal inverter” and “solar inverter.” A standard inverter simply stores electricity, whereas a solar inverter functions on solar panels and grid power. A solar inverter costs between 7,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR, depending on the size of the solar panel (1kW to 5kW).

Price of Lithium-Ion Batteries in Sri Lanka

Manufacturers of Lithium Ion Batteries in Sri Lanka
India has recently begun producing lithium-ion batteries. The consumer must be properly informed about the batteries. The following is a list of lithium-ion battery manufacturers who work with Energy Sotrage, EV, and Telicaom –

Sri Lanka’s Best Solar Panels

To generate more power in Sri Lanka, a bi-facial solar panel is necessary. Here are some information you should know before purchasing a solar panel:

Subsidy for Solar Panels in Sri Lanka

The subsidy is administered by the Sri Lankan government in accordance with state standards and guidelines. 

Sri Lanka Installation
The cost of installing solar panels in Sri Lanka is slightly greater than in other countries. Solar panels are erected based on geographical region and climate. In Sri Lanka, a 1kW solar panel costs 7,000 rupees to install.
Sri Lankan Electricity Bill
According to India’s unit slab system, TANGEDCO is the discom in Sri Lanka. In different regions, the price of a ‘per-unit slab’ varies. One unit of power costs between 5 and 7 INR.
How to Save Money on Electricity in Sri Lanka
Even if this does not help, installing the most recent technological appliances can. Then solar panels are the only choice available to you.




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